Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What's in the news this week...

A view from the air shows a swollen Ohio River at the
Henderson-Evansville area.
With this year's snow and flooding, roads have been on the minds of a lot of people in Crittenden County, particularly those charged with keeping them in good repair. In this week's issue of The Crittenden Press, find out how one Tolu resident views the job the county is doing in his community to keep the roads smooth.

Also inside this week's issue:
  • Flooding persists across the county, keeping the ferry and numerous roads closed, as well as causing further damaging road surfaces. So when will things get back to normal?
  • Crittenden Health Systems offers its annual state of affairs snapshot. Find out how the health care facility is doing financially.
  • The Rockets have opened their baseball season. See how they're doing early in the season.
  • State legislation signed into law has allowed both Crittenden and Livingston school districts to tenuously finalize their academic calendars.
  • The county's vehicle registration system has some changes in store.
  • To many, baseball is a religion. So what exactly do baseball and religion have in common?
  • Recent jail and ambulance service reports paint different picture than this time last year.
  • There's a new Master Conservationist in Crittenden County.
  • Reading was the focus at schools last week. Pictures tell the story.
  • Tonics were once lauded to be a cure for whatever ails you, and several Crittenden Countians made a living hawking their potions.
Find it all out in this week's Press, on newsstands this afternoon.