Friday, August 28, 2015

High-traction surface placed at Rosebud

Motorists traveling between Marion and Sullivan along U.S. 60 in northeastern Crittenden County will notice a new look to pavement on a curve near the top of what is commonly known as Rosebud Hill.

A contractor is putting the finishing touches on high traction coating that is designed to reduce wet-weather crashes at the site. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet installed LED enhanced signage at the curve several years ago. The enhanced signage has helped reduce crashes. However, wet-weather crashes have persisted.

Over the last 5 years there have been 30 crashes at the site; 20 included property damage with 10 injuries and no fatalities. A total of 26 crashes or 86 percent occurred when the pavement was wet.  Statewide about 20 percent of crashes occur during wet driving conditions.

This week, employees of Ram Construction Services have been coating the roadway with a high strength adhesive material, then spraying on a layer of special aggregate that has traction enhancing qualities. The high traction coating is expensive, so use of it is being limited to specific areas where wet-weather crashes have persisted.