Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Livingston church honoring first-responders

When they are needed they’re just a phone call away.

That’s why one local church wants to show its appreciation to officials in emergency management. First Responders Appreciation Day will be held at 11 a.m. Sunday at Pinckneyville Baptist Church near Salem. Members of local fire departments, EMS officials, dispatchers and law enforcement personnel are encouraged to attend the event which honors their work in local communities.

As part of the celebration a PowerPoint presentation will be provided on what happens when individuals call the 911 center in Livingston County. The presentation will be conducted by Amy Padon, the supervisor of daily operations at Livingston County’s 911 dispatch.

To give individuals a better understanding of its operations, Padon will show how 911 calls are received from a landline or cell phone and why 911 officials ask so many questions when people make an emergency call. The presentation will also provide why it’s important to have homes properly marked so first responders can find addresses quickly.

Emergency management officials attending the event are asked to wear their uniforms and enjoy a potluck meal after the service.