Thursday, May 28, 2015

Authorities warn of couple at large

May be in Shady Grove Area

Crittenden County Sheriff Wayne Agent says a couple suspected of being involved in a string of burglaries in the eastern part of the county and perhaps over into Caldwell and Webster counties are believed at large in the area and could be dangerous.

Agent said an adult male and adult female, whose identities are not being released at this time, may be living off the land in or near the Shady Grove area.

The couple is suspected in a burglary at Cave Springs Church, two homes in Crittenden County and one in Caldwell. There is reason to believe they may also be wanted in Webster County.

Agent said the man and woman could be on foot or on an ATV, which also may be stolen.

Authorities spent several hours Wednesday in pursuit of the suspects in rural Crittenden County. A deputy encountered them once, but they got away on a camouflage four-wheeler. They are also believed to be in possession of a red four-wheeler.

The couple is alleged to have pointed a firearm at a motorist on Bellville Bottoms Road early yesterday afternoon.

The sheriff encourages anyone who comes in contact with these suspects to avoid a confrontation and to call police dissipating immediately at 270-965-3500. They are believed to be armed and possibly dangerous.