Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Traffic accidents way up in county

There have been an alarming number of accidents in Crittenden County this year, almost 225.

The sheriff’s department has worked 104 wrecks, more than normal and 40 percent more than a year ago. Marion Police have investigated 73 wrecks and Kentucky State Police have investigated another 47. There have been four fatal accidents, resulting in the deaths of five people in Crittenden County this year. That, too, is more than usual. Fortunately, this county averages about two or fewer traffic deaths a year.

“We have had way too many crashes this year,” said Crittenden County Deputy Don Perry. “We can’t keep our reports caught up.”

There were five accidents Saturday in the area, three almost at the same time in Crittenden and Livingston counties.

Local traffic enforcement officers say speed and inattention are also playing a major role in accidents. Deer are not always to blame. Deputies and state police have told The Press in the past week that speeding is a pervasive problem on the county’s narrow highways.

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