Saturday, March 5, 2016

Final county, state GOP caucus results

Crittenden County Republicans wait in line Saturday morning
to cast their ballot in Kentucky's GOP Presidential Caucus.

Donald Trump took Crittenden County in Saturday's Kentucky Republican Presidential Caucus, albeit by only 42 votes over his chief rival in the four-man race, Ted Cruz. Results in Crittenden County are now complete, and Trump has also won the majority of votes statewide, though Cruz, Marco Rubio and John Kasich will all share in Kentucky's 46 delegates.

Despite the new process for voters, polling went smoothly in Crittenden County. A steady line of voters backed out the door for the first two hours of caucusing but moved rather quickly through the balloting process. After that, voting was sporadic. There were 785 of the county's 3,196 GOP voters who turned out.

Only three prospective voters were unable to cast a ballot because their names did not appear on the rolls provided to the RPK from the Kentucky Secretary of State's office. It turned out, all three were registered Democrats. There were two ballots in Crittenden County not counted because more than one candidate was selected.

Following are the results with 100 percent reporting statewide.

Active campaigns
CANDIDATE                 COUNTY                  KENTUCKY                 PERCENT              DELEGATES      
Trump                314            82,493            35.92%               17
Cruz                   272            72,503            31.57%               15
Rubio                 112            37,579            16.36%                7
Kasich                 71             33,134            14.43%                7

Inactive campaigns
CANDIDATE                 COUNTY                  KENTUCKY                 PERCENT    
Carson                 10               1,953               0.85%
Paul                      3                  872                0.38%
Uncommitted       1                  496                0.22%
Bush                     2                  303                0.13%
Huckabee             0                  174                0.08%
Christie                 0                   65                 0.03%
Fiorina                  0                   64                 0.03%
Santorum              0                   31                 0.01%

Republican turnout
Crittenden County: 24.6%
Kentucky: 18.0%