Friday, March 25, 2016

Petitioner says signatures will put alcohol back on the ballot in Marion

According to the Grow Marion Facebook page, petitioner Tyler Collins has enough signatures to place a local option election for package alcohol sales on the ballot in Marion Precinct No. 1, where voters on Tuesday voted 84-61 in favor of approving liquor by the drink in Marion. These voters poll at the courthouse. The citywide measure failed, however, when votes from all five city precincts were counted. The following is a portion of what Collins posted today:

"Unless I have talked to your prior to this post.... the petition portion of this campaign is now closed with more than double the signatures required to put it back on the ballot. This election is not going to be a city wide election, but will instead just be precinct (C101A). These are the people who vote at the Courthouse only. The only thing that this precinct controls is FIVESTAR. If (C101A) gives me another YES vote like they did on Tuesday.... then Fivestar will be able to sell. This election will also cost significantly less than the last election on Tuesday because instead of 5 precincts... it will only be one precinct voting. I will be turning in the petition very soon and when I do, the Judge Executive will then have 30 days to set an election date that is no greater than 90 days and no less than 60 days."

Collins has reportedly requested use of the courthouse lawn Saturday, but for what or at what time is uncertain. However, a post on social media from a local resident has asked all who oppose alcohol being sold locally to gather across from the courthouse at noon Saturday.