Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Alcohol referendum fails by 53 votes

Are you in favor of the sale of alcoholic beverages by the drink in Marion at restaurants and dining facilities with a seating capacity of at least 50 persons and which derive at least 70 percent of their gross receipts from the sale of food if the alcoholic beverage is purchased in conjunction with a meal?

PRECINCT                                                                    YES           NO
Crittenden County Courthouse (No. 1)      84         61
Emmanuel Baptist Church (No. 2)             40        68
Marion Baptist Church (No. 3)                  58        91
Marion Ed-Tech Center (No. 4)                 41         44
St. William Catholic Church (No. 6)          15         13
Absentee                                                  7           21
TOTAL                                                    245        298

See this week's issue of The Crittenden Press when it hits the streets tomorrow for details on the election.