Saturday, March 5, 2016

GOP caucus turnout almost 25 percent

Polling in Kentucky's GOP Presidential Caucus is closed
At 4:45 p.m., Cruz had been declared winner of today's Kansas caucus

In Crittenden County, 757 of the county's 3,196 GOP voters cast a caucus ballot in person at the high school multi-purpose room. That is a 23.7 percent turnout, which is higher than expected for the party's first caucus. However, that does not include absentee ballots mailed into Republican Party of Kentucky headquarters in Frankfort. When those numbers are released by the RPK later this evening, the turnout percentage will increase.

For the last six presidential primaries dating back to 1992, the average Republican turnout was only 20.1 percent in Crittenden County.

County caucus officials are currently counting votes, and results should be available by 7 p.m.