Friday, February 2, 2024

Upcoming Events | Spring in Marion

Marion Tourism and Recreation Commission met last week and discussed a number of projects scheduled for the coming months.

Events of note include a March 30 Easter Egg Hunt sponsored by Marion Baptist Church, which will be held March 30.

On April 13, the annual H.B. Clark Disc Golf Tournament will be held at Marion-Crittenden County Park.

The commission will sponsor a bowfishing tournament on May 4. Weigh in will be at the fairgrounds.

Show and Shine Car Shows will be held the fourth Thursday of each month from May through September. Typically held on the court square, the shows will now be held at Marion Commons because of demolition and construction that will take place in the near future at the courthouse site.

Ben E. Clement Mineral Museum’s annual gem, fossil and mineral show will be June 1-2.

The commission is also beginning to develop a plan for a Christmas tree decorating festival of sorts. Although still in the initial brainstorming stage, plans are to have multiple large trees on Marion Commons. Groups or individuals will be able to decorate the trees. The commission believes the project will generate a spirt of Christmas in the community.