Friday, February 9, 2024

What is Kentucky's most dangerous interstate?

Interstate 65 is most dangerous in Kentucky, but a stretch of I-24 ranks nationally among the deadliest stretches of highways when data from Kentucky, Tennessee and Illinois area combined. 

A recent study by Assurance IQ, an insurance policy shopping platform, examined National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data to determine the most and least safe interstates across the country with regard to the number of fatal accidents.

Data show that I-65 is the deadliest in Kentucky, averaging 1.53 fatal crashes every 10 miles per year. The interstate enters the commonwealth in the north from Indianapolis and crosses Kentucky from Louisville to Bowling Green then leaves the state toward Nashville, Tenn.

Interstate 24 holds the dubious honor of being among the fifth deadliest with 18.3 fatal crashes annually per 100 miles.

Running 316 miles from near Marion, Ill., to near Chattanooga, Tenn., I-24 also passes briefly into Georgia giving it a three-state footprint. In Tennessee near Nashville, I-24 is the most congested stretch of highway in the entire state. 

Overall, Kentucky’s interstate highways rank 22nd among the nation’s most hazardous.